Synthroid bruising

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I had to give blood every week for over a year then 2 times a month. My concern is for the last 6 months my ferritin levels have been at 9-15. Since Sept my hgb levels have been 18 then 14 and now 11.7. i also get very severe muscle cramps, and it feels like my entire body ties up in a knot.

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Popped a vessel in my finger yesterday while chopping onions turned the whole finger black and it swelled up, later that nht went to the fridge for a drink and when i opened the door is when i went all dizzy couldnt see a thing and then i collapsed was knocked out cold for about ten minutes when i came round i stayed down for ages physiy couldnt get up and everytime i tried to stand i hit the floor again i was sweating very bad and shaking it has happened me once before when i was pregnant with the same symptons...

<strong>Bruising</strong>, tired, aching all over - Leukemia

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Plavix (clopidogrel) helps to prevent platelets in your blood from sticking together and forming a blood clot.

Bruising, tired, aching all over - Leukemia

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Synthroid bruising:

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