Can you take adipex and synthroid

Can you take phentermine & synthroid. - Thyroid Disorders.

I just started taking phentermine 2 weeks ago and have lost 8 pounds(132 rht now) 5'2". I have been on the phentermine for 1 week and I have been taking the synthroid for for two days now. Is this normal,will it go away or is it indestion? I'm 5'8" and weh 152 and want to be 143, I work out 6x's a week cardio for 45-60 mins. I feel great in the mornings, the problem is that I am very tired in the afternoons (to the point of almost falling asleep while driving home from work), lethargic, can't lose any weht (even though I am taking phentermine 37.5 daily and I keep a 1000 calorie diet daily). I told my Doctor on a recent visit that also I can not seem to loose weht. I was overwhelmed when my pharmacy printed out a long *WARNING OF DRUG INTERACTION* sheet telling me of all the possible side effects etc...

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<em>Adipex</em>-P oral Uses, Side Effects,

Can you take phentermine with synthroid - MedHelp

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Adipex-P oral Uses, Side Effects,

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Can you take adipex and synthroid:

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