Lipitor and neuropathy

Some Statins Linked to Peripheral Neuropathy Is Crestor among.

As many of you know, I firmly believe that the only people who should be taking cholesterol-lowering statin drugs—such as Zocor, Lipitor or the many others—are middle aged men with coronary artery disease.

Undo the Side Effects of Statins Dr. Stephen Sinatra

When researching information on peripheral neuropathy I found this information: For susceptible individuals, the use of a statin drug can interfere with proper functioning of peripheral nerves.

Some Statins Linked to Peripheral <strong>Neuropathy</strong> Is Crestor among.

Statin Drugs May Increase Risk Of Peripheral Neuropathy.

Statins are the most effective drugs for the treatment of hh cholesterol, particularly for lowering LDL levels.

People's Pharmacy Statins can cause peripheral neuropathy.

Joe and Terry Graedon, both doctors, are also authors and maintain a popular syndicated column known as The People’s Pharmacy.

Lipitor and neuropathy:

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