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But, just like people who don’t have diabetes, you’re going to come down with a cold or the flu every now and then. Maybe you take medicine for controlling your blood pressure or your cholesterol.

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Emma Kang is a registered dietitian who has worked in nutrition since 1999.

Diabetes medication - Medical information and advice

Diabetes medication - Medical information and advice

Yes, prednisone has a tendency of rising blood sugar and even contributing to diabetes to some people especially those who may be predisposed to it. Prednisone makes our bodies metabolize sugar and carbohydrates differently making some people weht gain and experience hh levels of sugar in the blood by making our bodies resistant to insulin. The rates of Prednisone causing this disorder are 10-24%. Your sugar levels should go back to normal some time after stopping the drug. I am moderately diabetic and my morning blood sugar tends to be around 130-145.

The Ups and Downs of Meds and Diabetes Part 1 Steroids.

Hi There: The last post I discussed that I was on Prednisone for two months due to low platelet counts and that I was going to taper off on my own. Due to the awful side effects I tapered down to 30 myself.

Down keeping level prednisone sugar while:

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