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Pharmaceutical company, Hoffman La-Roche, introduced Accutane to an eager public in the 1980s; by 2009, the product had been discontinued in the United States; and today, Roche continues to pay out multi-million dollar, Accutane-related lawsuit settlements.

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Accutane is usually a drug of last resort for acne, used only when all other treatments fail.

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By Kevin Caruso Accutane (also known as Rocaccutane or Isotretinoin) is a prescription acne medication derived from vitamin A and is used to treat nodular acne (a severe form of acne). It works by preventing acne from developing, as opposed to most other treatments (such as retin A and antibiotics) that attempt to control acne after it has developed.

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Accutane is sometimes almost a miracle drug for cystic acne, but this potent drug can cause snificant side effects.

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