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It is not severe pain, but at times is more annoying than anything. He sent me to have an abdominal ultrasound which showed only "healthy" organs.

Overview of Lyme Borreliosis - Generalized Conditions - Veterinary.

Antibiotic selection, route of administration, and duration of therapy for Lyme disease are guided by the patient’s clinical manifestations and stage of disease, as well as the presence of any concomitant medical conditions or allergies.

<strong>Lyme</strong> Disease Treatment & Management Approach Considerations.

Antibiotic Treatment of Animals Infected with Borrelia burgdorferi

Lyme disease, a tick-transmitted bacterial infection, can lead to recurrent arthritic symptoms in dogs and humans.

Safe to use doxycycline and amoxicillin at the same time? Ask A Vet

Hi, I too have upper rht quad pain just below my ribs. It feels like there is something in there pinching me. No dilated bile duct, no gall stones, liver enzymes were in normal range.

Dog lyme amoxil:

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