Kuukai soma

Kukai Soma - ♥♦ shugo chara - x-ikuto-amu-x.

A la fin de l'année, Kukai quittera les gardiens pour partir dans une autre école.

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Kukai Sôma Shugo Chara ! Fandom powered by a

Kukai Sôma Shugo Chara ! Fandom powered by a

Well this is just a whole bunch of one shots about Amu with different guys! And if you have any requests on a guy then just ask! "One more and that's it." Amu said giving in to her Sempai. "Fancy foot work there Sempai." Amu said grinning, "You should pay more attention to me though! Amu noticed the disappointment in his face and shed. Kukai took her backpack and carried it for her with a smile on his face.

Kukai Soma - Shugo Chara!

Kukai Souma (相馬空海 Souma Kukai), is the upbeat and energetic former "Jack's Chair" of the Guardians.

Kuukai soma:

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