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Neurontin, aka Gabapentin (per ) is a drug desned for the treatment of epilepsy (specifiy seizures), and for relief of neuropathic pain and hot flashes It has given snificant efficacy to people seeking relief from fibromyalgia symptoms, and the neuropathic pain that is a symptom of cancer.

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Brought by a class of third-party payers, the lawsuit alleges Pfizer and Warner-Lambert fraudently marketed Neurontin according to documents filed in Massachusetts federal court on Friday.

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In May 2004, HBSS brought suit against Pfizer and its subsidiary, Parke-Davis, accusing the companies of a fraudulent scheme to market and sell the drug Neurontin for a variety of "off-label" uses for which it is not approved or mediy efficacious.

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HBSS filed a Third Amended Class Action Complaint in the case in June 2007.

Neurontin class action suits:

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