Polymorphous light eruption and ciprofloxacin

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Here is a review some of the more common ones and suggestions for some treatment approaches.

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Polymorphous lht eruption, also known as polymorphic lht eruption, is an itchy rash caused by sun exposure in people who have developed a sensitivity to sunlht (photosensitivity).

<strong>Polymorphous</strong> Lht <strong>eruption</strong> ¦ Treatment <strong>and</strong> Symptoms - YouTube

Everything You Need to Know about Polymorphous Lht Eruption

PMLE generally affects adult females aged 20–40, although it sometimes affects children and males (25%).

Photosensitive diseases

It is particularly common in places where sun exposure is uncommon, such as Northern Europe, where it is said to affect 10–20% of women holidaying in the Mediterranean area. It has also been reported to be relatively common at hher altitudes compared to sea level.

Polymorphous light eruption and ciprofloxacin:

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