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Restores the population of Langerhans cells responsible for the immune properties of the skin, improving the skin’s ability to resist infections.

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I haven't heard of this before, but be a little careful if you cant get it here without a prescription, as I tried to get something sent from the USA that wasn't approved in this country (nothing sinister, it just wasnt approved here as yet) and they intercepted it at customs, all at my cost. You can actually buy generic Retin A online from India and I think my tube was cheaper than that. I ordered some of their A-Ret cream some time ago but it actually made my acne worse because the moisturising base they mix the Retin A into is different from something like say Retrieve or Isotrex.

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FACTS: Please, please do not worry about using retinols during the day or after you’ve acid toned.

Hydroquinone retin a all day chemist:

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