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Aura-Soma self-care color energy products allow you to consciously use the power and potential of color to make positive changes in your life and help shape your future. Experiencing Aura-Soma is like discovering an underground spring: The energy of Aura-Soma color helps you penetrate the layers of your awareness to tap into the deep source of your potential.

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Colour and Lht on the Pathways® is part of the official educational trainings of the Art and Science International Academy of Colour Technologies, U. The course has been initiated by Mike booth, and will be lead by its co-creators. Dorcey, a senior Aura-Soma teacher and presenter of the Bridge Course, and Robert Abrahamson, an expert in Chinese medicine, acupuncture and metaphysical energy work.

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• Feel more relaxed • Rediscover your enthusiasm for life • Improve your relationships • Feel more confident • Bring more love and caring into our life • Rebalance and revitalise your energy • Access your inner self and your intuition. Their vibrant colours will lovingly guide and support you towards wellbeing and self-awareness.

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All ingredients used are as natural as can be, as unprocessed as possible, low GI.

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