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This past Sunday was my b fall race – the SOMA half Ironman that I have been training really hard for.

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We had 32 finishers at the SOMA Half Ironman this year, including one age winner in Kathy Stanley. SOMA Half Ironman Jeanine Schmidt 2nd AG 8th Overall Heather Dean 10th AG Laura Miles 12th AG PR Kyrsten Sinema 35th AG Rachael Quillinan 5th AG Kara Gibson 15th AG Stephanie Deitrick 46th AG Candice Shoemaker 51st AG Rebecca Felmly 52nd AG Dana Kennedy 17th AG PR Kathy Stanley 1st AG Susy Sna 12th AG Sally Borg 2nd AG Daniel Efune 34th AG PR Paul Kluzak 6th AG Weston Moore 77th AG Will Rossiter 4th AG 11th Overall – PR Doug Patriquin 25th AG Jonathan Boyd 33rd AG Matt Green 40th AG PR Ben Quillinan 41st AG Kevin La Ra 37th AG PR Darren West 41st AG Eero Allison 22nd AG Ken Mantay 61st AG Kirk Lacko 3rd AG Randy Speht 35th AG Lowry Barfield 3rd AG Bruce Baldwin 7th AG John Misner 18th AG Jay Mellen 2nd AG G.

<b>Soma</b> <b>Half</b> <b>Ironman</b> Triaton Live - Tempe, AZ - ChronoTrack Live

Soma Half Ironman Triaton Live - Tempe, AZ - ChronoTrack Live

Ironman's full distance triaton (140.6 miles) in November is incredibly popular so I'm guessing it wasn't a b stretch for them to decide to buy out this event and offer it under the Ironman Brand. For me it is always a party lining up for the swim. I made a few jokes, laughed at myself, danced, placed a bet with Jordan Bunting and into the water I went. I was able to count 8 buoys down make the turn and swim 8 buoys back. Did you know that with each GU you need to also take in 12 oz of water!? The run wasn't what I was shooting for but that is okay.

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Welcome to the first annual Ironman Arizonia 70.3 in Tempe AZ! Ironman took over the 70.3 distance race that was orinally the Soma Triaton put on by Lifetime Fitness. Whether that feeling is a good one or a bad one...can always change and does change. I'd feel sick for several minutes and then I'd be fine again.

Soma half ironman:

Rating: 97 / 100

Overall: 98 Rates