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Every other day for 12 mo (prednisone ); 32 were randomly assned to receive O3FA 4 g/d for 2 yr (1.88 g eicosapentaenoic acid, 1.48 g docosahexaenoic acid; O3FA ); and 31 were randomly assned to receive placebo (placebo ). Randomly assned patients who were hypertensive were given enalapril 2.5 to 40 mg/d.

A comparison of daily and alternate-day prednisone therapy in the.

Corticosteroids can be used to induce a remission or reduce the morbidity in autoimmune diseases.

A comparison of daily and <b>alternate</b>-<b>day</b> <b>prednisone</b> therapy in the.

Nature Clinical Practice Neurology Steroids and.

When inhaled corticosteroids and other medications fail to control severe asthmatic symptoms, alternate-day corticosteroid therapy may be considered as a treatment option.

Maintenance therapy with alternate-day prednisone improves.

The role of maintenance therapy in multiple myeloma is controversial.

Benefit of alternate day prednisone:

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