Zoloft improved sexual desire

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The severity of sexual side effects depends on the individual and the specific type and dose of antidepressant.

Antidepressants Don't Just Change Your Sex Drive, They Can Affect.

Depression robs people of their desire for sex, and antidepressants can make the situation even worse.

The Antidepressant Drug Best for Sex Psychology Today

Can my libido recover from two months of Zoloft? - antidepressants.

If you take antidepressant medication, you are probably already familiar with the fact that they are hy effective, are not addictive, and literally save lives.

Tips for Managing Antidepressant-Induced Sexual Dysfunction.

Sexual dysfunction, which includes diminished libido, decrease in arousal and/or vaginal dryness for women, and erectile dysfunction in men, is common in both genders with depression.

Zoloft improved sexual desire:

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