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Somlata is a low-growing rid tufted shrub 1-2 ft tall, with numerous densely clustered erect slender, smooth, green, jointed branches, arising from a branched woody base. Male cones are ovate, 6-8 mm, solitary or 2-3, with 4-8 flowers each with 5-8 anthers with fused filaments, and rounded fused bracts. Fruit is ovoid 7-10 mm, with fleshy red succulent bracts enclosing the seeds. Gerard Jointfir is found on stony slopes, gravel terraces and drier places in the Himalayas, from Afghanistan to Bhutan, at altitudes of 2400-5000 m. Medicinal uses: Ephedra gerardiana has very likely been used in India since the Vedic period as a soma substitute.

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