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The Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Brain and

Sleep is a normal recurring state that manifests as loss of responsiveness to the external environment.

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Some nhts I cannot sleep because my arms and legs feel like its pulsating and it drives me nuts.

Neurology Conference Neurology Congress

Neurology Conference Neurology Congress

I've long read the awesome discussions that we have here at the Imm Inst but even to my surprise this is my first post!

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I am very sleepy-feel like I can't wake up - feel like I can't remember the last few days since starting this med ## Hello, Jen! Drowsiness can be a side effect of it, along with dizziness, nausea, dry mouth and weht gain. Plus took me about 24 hours to really feel normal again ? You need to inform your doctor and try a different medication, the swelling indicates that you may be allergic to this one. I forgot the 2nd dosage on the 20th and did not realize it until the 21st after I started feeling a crazy rapid heartbeat, severe anxiety (i wrestled with it for about 4 hours before calming down), as well as dizziness and the ...

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