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Best of Regina 2013 Prairie Dog

Arts & Music | City Living | Health Care | Local Media | People | Services | City Shopping Thank you! Best Of Regina 2013 was edited by Beatty and Whitworth, copy-edited by Lois-Anna Kaminski (she’ll take a pear Magners, please), desned by Paul “Awesome” Klassen (Newcastle Brown) and published by Terry Morash (boring Keith’s). They’re not just entrepreneurs, they’re bona fide social conveners.

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$145 $135 Find your Zen, with this warming, soothing package desned to leave you feeling refreshed and renewed!

Best of <strong>Regina</strong> 2013 Prairie Dog

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Advanced Education In: CST 1, CST 2, MET For The Lower Back - Basic, MFR - Visceral Manipulation, MFR For Full Body, MFR - Cervical-Thoracic, Somato Emotional Release 1, Somato Emotional Release 2, Trger Point Tech. Lower Body, Functional Fascial Taping, Healing from the Core Grounding Boundaries Advanced Education In: CST 1, CST 2, CST 3, CST 4, CST 5, CST 6, CST 7, Hot Stone Therapy Advanced Level, Lymph Drainage Therapy 1, Lymph Drainage Therapy 2, Lymph Drainage Therapy 3, Somato Emotional Release 1, Somato Emotional Release 2, Sports Massage Therapy Certification, VMN Abdomen 1, VMN Abdomen 2, VMN Pelvis, VMN Thorax, Adv.

Great Plains Accounting Services SOMA Consulting Inc.

“Quando aceitei em 2008 a presidência do X WCCM a ser organizado em São Paulo em julho de 2012, constatei logo que se tratava de um empreendimento de grandes dimensões.

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