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Now is the time to ask questions about hot flashes and how to get a good nht's sleep; the facts about vitamins, supplements, and antidepressants; using diet and exercise to boost energy; the basics of good bone health; preventing cancer and heart disease; and how to recharge your sex life. Lynn Pattimakiel is an internal medicine physician and has an appointment in the interdisciplinary Cleveland Clinic Center for Specialized Women’s Health. Pattimakiel for answers to your questions about general health, the effects of aging, menopause, and current understanding of the role of menopausal hormone therapy. Dr__Lynn_Pattimakiel: Unfortunately, there is no set time as to how long menopausal hot flashes will last.

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For some women, the physical, psychological and mental symptoms of menopause can be debilitating and life-changing.

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Back in July 2002 the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study into hormone therapy was stopped abruptly because it was clear that long-term risks of Prempro use clearly outwehed the benefits.

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Hormone replacement therapy is back in the news, again.

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