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Rabbis Reuven, left, and Dovid Feinstein reading in a Lower East Side synagogue. Part 1: Invoking the lost past “The Disappearing Jewish Lower East Side, circa 1935,” by Suzanne Wasserman “Lower East Side Conservancy,” by Laurie Tobias Cohen “Ritz With a Shvitz: Luxury on the Lower East Side,” by Shulamith Berger and Jai Zion “Public Baths on the Lower East Side,” by Joyce Mendelsohn “The Good Old Days on the Lower East Side,” by Lee Stein Rubins “275 East 7th Street: An Enduring Family Legacy,” by Eleanor B.

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She lived in a large house surrounded by fruit trees.

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Her parents, Abraham and Rachel, ran a successful grocery store on their estate. On warm days Victoria and her siblings stomped grapes for wine in the family's vineyard.

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Yes, the Allegra La Viola Gallery (179 East Broadway) is hosting a nht of rodent cuisine on Wednesay from 7-9 p.m.

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