Can you gain weight on 5mg of prednisone?

Can you gain weh on 2.5 prednisolone dosage

So we have joined the gym and I have gone to battle with his diet. 09 & in the beginning I limited his food intake (he would have eaten everything in site, otherwise). The key for me seems to be drinking lots of water and limiting my salt intake.


Prednisone is in the class of drugs known as corticosteroids. They are often used in treating auto immune reactions including severe allergic reactions, rashes, and especially inflammation.

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Why Do People Gain Weht on Prednisone?

Hey my boyfriend is tapering off the prednisone now (coming from 60mg down to 6mg) and gained a snificant (55) amount of weht.

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Weht gain is a common problem with long-term prednisone use.

Can you gain weight on 5mg of prednisone?:

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