What to do if i am out of plavix

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Clopidogrel belongs to the class of medications ed platelet aggregation inhibitors or antiplatelets.

Could You Be Resistant To Aspirin or Plavix? What To

Hi, I'm currently on 75mg Plavix, 5mg Altace, 1000mg Niaspan, 325mg Aspirin and Vytorin 10/80 ... My cardiologist got back to me and said that after review of my records, he is unwilling to submit that I temporarily stop taking Plavix & Aspirin due to the risks associated with my health and past history.

How Long Do I Have to Take <strong>Plavix</strong> Clopidogrel? - The GoodRx.

How Long Do I Have to Take Plavix Clopidogrel? - The GoodRx.

I had indeed bleeding issues spent a long, long time in the hospital. If I have an attack and end up in the ER wouldn't they have to do emergency sugery? Does this mean that anyone on plavix can never have surgery unless it's an ermergency.

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i've been on this for a year and am due to come off it now. As I was so young (47/48), the surgeon said to me, that the objective was to give the operation as much chance as possible ... However there were questions appearing in the medical literature about the risks of long term dual clopidogrel and aspirin antiplatelet therapy.

What to do if i am out of plavix:

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